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Welcome one and all to my little corner of the universe, vast as it is. Utopia is a little slice of paradise. It is how it seems. Fantasy based but steeped in current technology as well as future technology. This a world where you can spread your wings, whether you are new to roleplaying or old. I hold no grudges and offer you creative sanctuary within Utopia's walls. You will not be restricted upon what you can create, if anything it is implored you be as creative as possible. The only restriction i place is that you can not be a god, No over powered characters allowed here, that even includes myself. But please, do not let this hamper you in your search for creative play. The doors were long left open, just waiting for your arrival.
  • Shironi

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  • Avinali

    The great city of Avinali is found in the dead center of Shironi, a grand city. A place of mystics and magical beings. Avinali is the only city that makes up all of Shironi. It completely encompasses all of the land and includes everything from shops and houses, to the armoury and Library. There are a total of six districts which include the market, housing, the temple, and the military grounds. There are those who wish to live on the outskirts of town, and have even built houses on the outer brim of the land masses surrounding the main bulk. The reach their homes by using wind powered boat-like vessels.
    The Gateway, Aydindril (Palace of the Mystics), Garden Of Serenity
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  • Asgard

    Asgard is a secluded section of Shironi with only one way of entry. A long wideset bridge with no side railings keeps people from storming the castle for whatever reason. It is ill-advised to attempt passageway across this bridge should you have anything that might cause you to slip or lose your balance. Next to the castle and on a small floating land mass, is the Grand Library.
    Castle Asgard, Grand Library, Asgard's Dark Forrest
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  • Shironi Temple

    This Temple, like many other important sites in Shironi, is sitting alone on top of a floating island. Even though it is included in the districts of Avinali, it's location is different from all others. It floats slightly higher than every other land mass for unknown reasons. Most believe that it was Mother's way of asking everyone to pray for her, honor her. Those who believe in mother and visit the temple for prayer every day tend to have a very, very small amount of good fortune float their way. Most believe that it is nothing but luck, which would explain why everyone does not pray every day. The temple of wind and light is accessed via air boat.
    Avinali Skyport, Sacred Chambers
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  • Air Colosseum

    High Above the entire city is a flat plane surface at the top but at the bottom it's appears as if it was once in the ground. It's by far the largest surface in length taking up most of the Shironi if it was to ever be compared to it. As stated before, it's flat on the top as if it was your average battle arena. There are no railings so one slip and it's a straight fall to the bottom.
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  • Hidden temple Inside Shironi

    A temple for a gathering of those who are of shironi but not of their ways in certain things. Most of them which is very few like 5% of shironi's population goes there often times taking tasks upon themselves like hunting those of other nations as to maintane a blance so no one force or nation gets absolute power. Occassionally they may take it upon themselves to hunt beings whos sole purpose is power or destruction of all that is what they stand for.
    Gathering Hall, Final Decision Hall
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  • The Lareshi Bluffs

    On the Eastern side of Shironi lies a chunk of the continent that has broken away from the mainland of Avinali. The cliffs and bluffs of surrounded by grand gates forged of silver. Here lies the gated community of Laresh, a once-proud and mighty empire that has suffered the strain of over-expansion and in recent years become a smaller, more conservative nation. United by the Old Religion which has turned into a strict way of life, the Lareshi Word, the people of this country are well known for being dignified and hard-nosed even after having fallen on hard times. They are known for distinctive clothing and textile work, their customary dress being the hijab and its variants. Laresh, despite its relatively small size has a considerable navy of military airships, which is notorious for its ruthlessness and hushed history of war crimes. Many believe the survival of Laresh hinges on its Vigils. Vigils are warrior monks who disobey the teachings of the Lareshi Word, thus committing the necessary sins so that other Lareshi don’t have to and can happily ascend to paradise. The Vigils protect and enforce the culture and practices of Laresh with an iron fist and mercilessly hunt all those who oppose the state, with much greater versatility and subtlety than an army could wield. Laresh is ruled by an Oligarchy, a council of eight members elected from a select group of religious sages. It is said that in its heyday, Laresh had the power to soar through the sky like an enormous airship, but this secret has been lost, if it ever existed. In fact, much of the city’s culture, history, documents, sacred texts, artefacts and magic have been lost. Laresh is a tired and broken country that is determined to soldier on, no matter the cost.
    The Silver Shrine Building, Anatil Air Docks
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