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Welcome one and all to my little corner of the universe, vast as it is. Utopia is a little slice of paradise. It is how it seems. Fantasy based but steeped in current technology as well as future technology. This a world where you can spread your wings, whether you are new to roleplaying or old. I hold no grudges and offer you creative sanctuary within Utopia's walls. You will not be restricted upon what you can create, if anything it is implored you be as creative as possible. The only restriction i place is that you can not be a god, No over powered characters allowed here, that even includes myself. But please, do not let this hamper you in your search for creative play. The doors were long left open, just waiting for your arrival.
  • Farvon

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  • Sarlynion

    One of the few remaining civilization in Farvon, Sarlynion is practically carved into the east face of Mount Sarlynion, an extinct volcano for many centuries. An easy way to get to the huge city is by the many catacombs within the volcano that have been man made to lead to the heart of the city, where upon you find the Statue of a huge dragon crouched and what many have thought to be a great knight or King standing in front of it.
    Zio Cantre, Drago Tavern
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  • Dragons Ridge

    Though the name would indicate otherwise, Dragon's Ridge is actually a line of about 5 active volcanoes that, when they all erupt, flow into the huge man made wall on either side at the very bottom of these deadly mountains. The eruption of Dragon's Ridge has only happened twice in recorded history so far.
    Caverns Of Draconis, Incendio Port, Volcanio resort
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  • Dragonis Temple

    The temple is situated upon Farvons biggest volcano, the building itself was made within the first eruption. Molten lava dried, the Farvons crafted it and its there place of worship to Mother, Although its been many moons since the first eruption people fear to go there in case an eruption starts, the temple itself is huge and black, four dragons stand in union at each corner of this majestic building, inside a statue of mother straddling a dragons back is the center piece while many of Farvons great ancestors line the walls. Some times a bare wanderer will enter.
    Mothers Shrine, Secert passages, The Burning Colosseum
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