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Welcome one and all to my little corner of the universe, vast as it is. Utopia is a little slice of paradise. It is how it seems. Fantasy based but steeped in current technology as well as future technology. This a world where you can spread your wings, whether you are new to roleplaying or old. I hold no grudges and offer you creative sanctuary within Utopia's walls. You will not be restricted upon what you can create, if anything it is implored you be as creative as possible. The only restriction i place is that you can not be a god, No over powered characters allowed here, that even includes myself. But please, do not let this hamper you in your search for creative play. The doors were long left open, just waiting for your arrival.
  • Actezyn

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  • Ledial

    Ledial, the underwater paradise that people rarely get to view. Those that have seen it however have walked away with awe in their eyes and respect for the water peoples in their hearts. This palace is home to the royal family and a more common place for extravagant parties.
    Cave Ruins, Inner Palace, Exotic Gardens, The Forgotten Forest
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  • The Islands Above

    Many of these islands are not inhabited except Devonia which is the most habited but trades people. It is most known for its rare items.
    Island Terre, Island Farlow, Devonia, Island Raroa, Island Iziliat, Fossa Island, Island Kanous
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  • Lilok

    Lilok, is an all female sanctuary. Women from different races and species come here to relax and spend time away from the male population.
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  • Diluviare

    An underwater city where dreams are born. Nuanen's bubble covers almost all of the city, allowing people who don't breathe in the water to enjoy all of it's beauty. Tinker shops, clothing stores, fine artworks. The underwater city is robust and the style of clothing is unlike any other nation. Depending on the sea for most of the home made things makes for some pretty interesting and unique goods and gear. Be wary, the bars located near the outskirts of town are full of hardy people ready to brawl just for the fun of it.
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