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Rare Items and Artifacts

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Rare Items and Artifacts

Post by Mother on Fri 17 May 2013, 01:42

Description: A small, yet delicate Lantern. On the bottom, in tiny writing is the inscription: "To call me forth, Place a lovers kiss, To the cheek of this cold life"

-Region: Tharkon
-Resting Place: It's resting place tends to change often depending on the need of the one who is searching for it. It's last noted resting place was in The Great Ruins of X'av Kar
-Current Owner(s): No One

Enchantments: If the description is closely followed then from the lantern, a genie will appear. Three wishes she will grant you before once more being trapped within the confines of the small lantern and it disappearing to a new location.

Rarity: ♦

History: Arimitsu had not always been trapped within the confines of the lantern. No, she was put there one day by an evil magic because she had lived a spiteful life.

For many years Arimitsu tried to find a way to escape the confines of the lantern until one day a stranger came across it and so kissed its surface. This was the first time Arimitsu had been out of the lantern since being put there. However she soon learnt that she could not escape even that. By the same magic that had confined her, it had also chained her to the damn lantern. When the stranger had asked his wishes and had them granted, Arimitsu was once more trapped inside the lantern and it disappeared to a new and hidden location as she waited for someone new to find her.

She prayed for a day when she would be free, but it never came. Many new Masters found her lantern and many new wishes were granted. Now she is once more confined to the lantern, hidden somewhere not even she knows of. Waiting constantly for the day some fool would wish her free.

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