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The Dragons Riddles, Page 4

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The Dragons Riddles, Page 4

Post by Mother on Thu 21 May 2015, 10:58

1. Sometimes I wave, sometimes I itch. I can grow very tall. I can be crossed with gold. What am I?

2. I am nothing, yet I have value. What am I?

3. You can play with me but... I can suck your blood!

4. Who has a hat but no head, a foot but no shoe?

5. Which fruit has seeds outside the flesh?

6. What do a trumpet and a car engine have in common?

7. I have many keys but usually only two or three locks. What am I?

8. I have legs but can't walk, and a top but no bottom. What am I?

9. A human and a cave have me in common.

10. What is usually placed on a wall, but also is found in one's mouth?

11. What do humans and gears have in common?

12. No matter where I go, I'm always close to home. Wherever I go, I always leave a silver trail behind me

13. An untiring servant it is, carrying loads across the muddy earth. But one thing that cannot be forced is a return to the place of its birth.

14. This engulfing thing is strange indeed. The greater it grows, the less you see.

15. I can be clean which isn't seen' I can be dirty and make you scurry. I can make you dead or alive!

16. Who (or what) knows all languages?

17. I look down on you, but I do not notice if you look back. Though no embarrassment or shame befalls ones I gaze upon, still all become flushed eventually when I do so.

18. What got four wings, but cannot fly?

19. I am used to "work" a circle, though some like to eat me. What am I?

20. I go round and round to eat my tail. I go real well with a wedding veil. What am I?


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