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The Dragons Riddles, Page 6

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The Dragons Riddles, Page 6

Post by Mother on Thu 21 May 2015, 10:59

1. What is something that fades and go over time but some of its residue will always remain?

2. A long snake with a stinging bite,
I stay coiled up unless I must fight.

3. What has no beginning and no end?

4. What Rooms can't you Enter?

5. What is not enough for one, Just right for two, Too much for three?

6. What runs around the whole yard without moving?

7. What falls but never gets hurt?

8. It has a mouth but does not speak, has a bed but never sleeps.

9. What can run but never walks,
Has a mouth but never talks,
Has a bed but never sleeps,
Has a head but never weeps?

10. If a plane crashed on the border of the USA and Canada, where should the survivors be buried?

11. Two circles, two points and a nail in the middle. What is it?

12. Four brothers are standing under one hat.
What is it?

13. A camper leaves her camp, hikes 1 mile south, thn 1 mile east where she sees a bear. Then she hikes 1 mile north to arrive at her camp. What colour is the bear?

14. It doesn't bark, it doesn't bite but stil don't let you in a house. What is it?

15. What is common between the girl's legs and the Eiffel Tower?

16. There is a thing that nothing is,
And yet it has a name,
It's something tall and something short,
Joins our sport, and plays at every game.


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