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Land information

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Land information

Post by Mother on Mon 03 Jan 2011, 19:06

Nation: Shironi, "The Blessed Land", "Skycity", "The Floating Continent".

Land Type: A floating continent that sits high in the sky. Shironi is the land of the sky, of the wind and air. The ground is holy and only those pure of heart may step foot on the land. This floating civilization is a genuine, natural source of magic. To keep it in the sky, mother placed an everlasting spell in the very rock itself. This nation was heaved into the air by the All-Mother, by reasons which no scholar is able to convey. It was launched into the sky to watch over the remaining nations with a watchful eye and all knowing wisdom. To gain access into Shironi is no easy task, and requires the permission of either the Lord, both honorable squire, or mother's children.

Population: The population of Shironi are a Highborn people. Originally, they were all specially selected to watch over Utopia from above by Mother herself. The races of Shironi were few and of those few, limited in number. For the longest time, the beings of Shironi were too stuck on themselves to allow anyone else in. Only those born of other Shironi citizens were allowed to live in the city. Now, there are far more races and many more people populating this proud and holy city.

As in all the nations, the currency is a common Copper-Nickel variant, emblazoned with Darksilver to give it a grimy, dusky look to it. They come in three kinds: A Voryn, A Seryn and a Zeryu. A Voryn is referred to as the Commoners coin, as all peasants and workers use this form of coin and it serves the meager purpose of buying food, simple clothing, tools and supplies. The Seryn is a luxurious, more delicate variant of a Voryn and is worth 20 times as much, mostly everyone would have some or a bag of this, all but the lowest peasant. It is used in the buying of more fashionable clothing, furniture, land & property rights, and anything that would or could be bought essentially, due to its more visual uses, it is labelled as the Shallow Coin. A Zeryu is worth 1000 Seryn and is a rare sight in any merchants pocket, showing wealth as few get them aside from the nobility, it is more for show or for the visage of power and wealth. It is rarely used, for it's a far less common and only about three thousand of them exist in Shironi. The only records of its usage are in the mass buying of land, political gains or the odd slave auction. It is stereotyped as the Gilded Coin, as it is adorned in a rare alloy of Gold and Silver that gives it a brilliant glow and grants it a lustrious yellow-brown tinge. To have one instantly gains the possessor fame and power. These coins are used universally throughout Utopia.

Economy: As times changed and the population grew, Shironi began to trade very little with the outside world. Their artwork and architecture was of the best quality and sold for outstanding amounts amongst the other nations. To keep from having too many affairs with other nations, trading is strictly prohibited. The blessed land easily grows crops and keeps animals healthy and strong. The shops of Shironi range from produce and clothing, to weaponry and trinkets.

Military: Their military is few in numbers because of their strategical location. If anyone were to attack, it would be incredibly difficult to reach the people of Shironi because of it's height and the overall difficult of getting into the city. The spellcasters of Shironi are stronger than anyone else on their home turf.

Culture: Selective, productive, zealous. They are a mostly self-supporting nation, and are void of any war and chaos, due to the altitude and protection supplied by the Enlightened.

Items of export/trade: Crafted items for decoration are the only thing sold from Shironi. The people simply want to keep as much of their native ideas and structures from the other lands as possible.

The History of Shironi

Shadowing Farvon this great nations is suspended in air what caused such a thing is a mystery but the time it happened was when the creation of lands came into action, Shironi was first dead and black until those many races who were scattered here began to nourish the land back to its rightful health, Being suspended above the world those races were not just ones with legs but wings and means of flight. Traveling great distances to collect the freshest waters while those who lived upon the land began the construction of the great city. Time passed slowly and soon the land lost its charred looking surface the soil which was hard and crumbled with each lot of water became moist and muddy beneath there feet. The city had started to take shape at last and the land was becoming more like land than it had been before.

The City of Shironi after many moons was complete. Standing tall upon this land its towers can be seen at a great distance, Many stories high the rock which was used to build such a fine building was made from was the purest of stone they could find, Washed white on the sea beds this stone seems to glisten from the high heavens which gave Shironi is symbol, A symbol of Peace and Harmony. Tall pillars old this building in place as many tunnels run through the landscape it was built on these tunnels from afar can be heard howling as the wind travels through them, People of Shironi came accustom to the weathers when it rained it was sure shironi would take the worst as it was higher leaving Farvon below mainly dry but it always hot , the wind soothing to those who lived on Shironi due to its cooling Attributes.

So the city was built and the land fully restored, Green shoots shot through the surface of this mysterious nation, The rain with had accumulated on the land had found its way into the trenches where they had taken some of the natural land to use in there building creating streams which leaked over the very edges of this Nation creating small water falls. Shironi's construction was complete and the land was growing had becoming more beautiful every day but quarrels began to start among the people, those who were on land and did not posses means of Flight argued with those who had wings and other ways of leaving those with Wings argued in return claiming if it wasn't for them Shironi would have perish long ago these arguments lead a great strife in Shironi where humans and other wingless creatures split from those who did possess wings, Those who possessed wings moved from the great city to the far edges of the nation and began the building again,Traveling far and wide to collect material in all that time they had seen what was happening within the other nations, First visiting Actezyn where once more they gained permission to take water and the large white rocks from its shore, To Tharkon where they asked for seeds of plant life and timber to create small houses for those who wished to live among them. To Byanthor where they gained rocks and shingles to mix and create sturdy foundations for the buildings and to Farvon where they asked for nothing more than metal melted down into nails to secure the wood. After collecting there materials they returned back each time but as each thing arrived on Shironi they realized the edge of Shironi was place for a city as the land was weaker and more UN nourished than that where they had built the great city.

After many discussions they came to an agreement that they wished to return to there beloved city and live happily but they also knew in time strife between the people would start again and so they came up with plans to build a great port and using the wood they had to make ships, Being winged beings they knew the ways of levitation and began searching for the materials which could capture the wind, Bringing more metals from Farvon which had been melded to fit there needs, Fine materials from Tharkon which had been created by the Elven people and so 2 years later not only had they finished there build but made the first way of transportation, in excitement they moved back to the great city where they were faced with many of those who still disliked them telling these people of there creation they followed the winged beings and so the first test came, seven people boarded this ship and was moved out into the skies where the great timber shafts which supported it moved away one winged being stayed on the ship to control where they hovered in one place but steadily and surely began moving.

When they arrived back the others which had not accompanied on the first trip saw there turn and after all had had there brief adventure they returned to land and offered the Winged people there homes once more, All strife was lost and those who had been confined to land now had means of traveling, later many more ships came to be strong so they it could hold the majority of Materials brought in and taken out and so Shironi grew and became powerful, untied as one Nation this Nation was truly at peace.


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