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Land Information

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Land Information

Post by Guest on Mon 03 Jan 2011, 19:13


- Zyndon -
  • The Great Desert
  • The Travelers Foe
  • Desolate Waste's.

~Land Type~

Little more than a vast expanse of sand making up Desert wastelands; this desolate region of prairies, caverns, trenches, massive sand dunes, and mountainous rock formations can easily be described as ultimately uninhabitable terrain. Even so, Zyndon is often known as a land to be traveled.

For the land of Zyndon, which happens to lie in the center of Utopia, is certainly the quickest route to any Nation by far. That is if you know the way. As is well known, Zyndon is a harsh, dry, arid land filled with inhospitable creatures of disturbing and unforgiving proportions. With hidden traps in the form of abyss like areas, quicksand, and sudden drops making the place if anything a death hazard. Not to mention there is almost no water to be found, if you exclude that of a few large oasis's. Though aside from it's obvious treacherous qualities, it is merely a delicate change to the norm. The region having frequent winds flicking the tips of sand dunes, sending them down cascades of sand in a rainbow like display of a vibrant orange-red, as well as, large wind carved rock formations capable of bringing breath taking views to those who dare climb to the the very top.

All-in-all, one might view Zyndon like that of a desert flower; gentle and seductive like a sirens calls, but when closer inspected revealing to be in reality a deadly and fatal attraction. One of which proves to expand in size by centimeter day by day. Threatening to possible swallow everything in sand in the possible late future. It possibly being one of the most death promising places in all of Utopia.


Seeing that the land of Zyndon grows little to absolutely no food, contains little water, and can barely support even the most fully equipped travelers; one would obviously be expected think that no one could possibly be foolish enough to live in this desolate waste land.

However, living within' the caverns, near oasis's, and at times beneath the sand it's self are the native tribes. A snake-like race of warriors who believe in Nak'le Na Shahak, or the 'Harsh Mistress'. Tribes which not only know the locations of many, if not all of the water source, but also how to tame some of the most night-marish looking creatures which inhabit the desert. These tribes using them for war-fare and in other cases as transporters for their cargo of trade.


Just as in all the nations of Utopia, the currency of Zyndon is but a common Copper-Nickel variant, emblazoned with Darksilver to give it a grimy, dusky look to it. Though these coins come in three kinds all the same: 1) A Voryn, 2) A Seryn and 3) A Zeryu.

Simply enough the Voryn is referred to as the Commoners coin, as all the peasants and workers seem to use this form of coin, and it serves the meager purpose of buying food, simple clothing, tools and supplies.

On the other hand, the Seryn is a luxurious, more delicate variant of a Voryn and is worth 20 times as much. Mostly everyone would have some or a bag of this, all but the lowest of peasants. It quite oftenly is used in the means buying of more fashionable clothing, furniture, land & property rights, and anything else that would or could be bought essentially, due to its more visual uses, it is labeled as the Shallow Coin.

And lastly, A Zeryu is worth 1000 Seryn and is a most definitely a rare sight in any merchants pocket. This coin showing wealth, seeing as few get them aside from those with nobility. Even in that case, owning a Zeryu is more for show or for the visage of power and wealth. Rarely is it ever used, for it's a far less common. In fact there being only a few thousand coins existing. And the only records of its usage being in the mass buying of land, political gains, or the odd slave auction. All-in-all, it is stereotyped as the Gilded Coin, due to it being adorned in a rare alloy of Gold and Silver that gives it a brilliant glow and grants it a lustrous yellow-brown tinge, to have one instantly gains the possessor fame and power. These coins are used universally throughout Utopia.


The economy of Zyndon is practically indistinguishably. This referring to the amount of trade and rapidly changing situation of commodities that makes it one of the most random and fluctuating Nations in Utopia. In means of Economy at least. It always remaining in a sense of constant moving, of course often causing confusion to any merchants who try to gain an upper hand. How do you set up a business, if the customers are constantly moving?


With no established government, the only likeness of a military, would be in the armed bands of warriors and guards of the Elari Desertmen. A race who prowl the sands and are the nations common race. They are equipped with various weapons and forms of protection, most commonly light, cloth fabrics with some leather additions to protect vital organs and arteries, a strap of cloth shielding their neck that can alternatively be moved up around to their face to cover their mouth and nose from the harsh sand and/or desert sun.

Otherwise they wear a simply cloth wrapping on their head to keep their brain from overheating. The cloth also acting like that of a head band as it drains any sweat from their forehead.

As far as their arsenal goes, the Elari tribesmen can carry swords much like a scimitar or rough short swords, a simple homemade spear or javelin, or their unique and distinguished weapon of choice. A brandished pole arm, embodied with a chain breakaway capable of turning a simple, ceremonial staff into a dangerous and deadly weapon. A weapon of the likes which could easily whip the enemy with the staff end, or impale them with the sharp, dagger edges that protrude upon separation. This weapon itself famously being called a Sandripper As only those that live in the sands are knowledgeable enough on its mechanics, and any that try to find out, are swiftly terminated.


With a traveling, ever changing apparition of a culture. Zyndon is a bustling, get-through quickly, first in best dressed lifestyle. If you just happen to get to a buyer first, you get the item you seek. You spend money and risk death by traveling across the sand, so it is no wonder that many people wish to cross the desert as quickly as possible. That is, within' their own limits of course.

~Items of export/trade~

  • Rare artifacts.
  • Gems of Foreign Origin.
  • Oasis Fruit and Delicacies.
  • Spice and Salt.


Much of Zyndon's history is unknown to the many who inhabit Utopia. In some cases there are those who believe that there is no real history behind the Nation. And true as it may seem, it is far from actually being so. For hidden beneath the yellow stained pages of a book lies life times of knowledge. The only problem being the books location.

In all reality, it is unknown. Though there are others who tell the tale of what once was, and what may still be. Listen; listen to what is known about the desert Nation, and the people who live there... From both the time of it's creation, to the time of a rise and fall of once great civilization.

In the beginning Zyndon was formed to be just as it is today; a desolated desert formed of rocky mountains and mounds of sand. And although there was little vegetation, life flourished with little trouble. Species of all kinds migrated to the caverns which made up the nation. Them creating their own burrows and evolving to adapt to the area, in the end becoming some of the deadliest and most venomous creatures in all of Utopia. Though other than the beast, another type of living beings came into the Nation. This of course not only consisting that of humans, but mixed species as well.

This including dwarfs, and Tyrants. And suddenly, with the arrival of all, tribes began to form. Tribes that with time went war, only to later become united in order to form great civilization.

Such as the life did in the beginning, this newly built civilization's political influence and economic wealth flourished. However, such influence and wealth lasted only as long as it was allowed to. For sooner than later disease fell upon the land. That along with greed, blame, and most of all 'jealousy of the other races'. Feuds broke out, and with no way to quell them, the civilization began to crumble beneath the wrath of it's own people. This all leading to the races beginning to split. In no time at all, them all forming their own tribes as they had done before it all.

With only the humans providing for what was left of the civilization, its presence was quickly forgotten. The once vibrantly alive civilization instead shrinking to become a brotherhood. A brotherhood of specialized assassins, trackers, and hunters who would help the once forgotten people to be feared within' the eyes of even the more magical beings of the desert, even of Utopia itself. And so the situation has remained barbaric. It only civilized in the slightest when related to the human tribes who are united together still to this day. The ones who inhabit the city of Na'zeir. The ones who more than anything, are believed to have the most control over the nation. Led by whom is unknown to any but them, as is the location of their city. They are the masters of their domain, as well as that of others. Them constantly engraving their title silently in history. Allowing no one to know too much, as they keep the details of their history to themselves. Hiding the yellow pages away. One day hoping to rise to their former glory. To once more be known as a civilization. Though for now, known simply as the Elari Assassins....


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