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Land Information

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Land Information

Post by Mother on Mon 03 Jan 2011, 20:17

Nation: Bythanor, The Shadow Realm, Land of Abominations

Basic Synopsis of the Land: Light is somewhat of a foreign concept within Bythanor. It is a land whose sky varies between shades of light to dark gray. An extinct and massive Volcano, the largest in all of Utopia known as Apollyon, dominates the landscape and its past eruptions have choked the sky with ash. As a result of the eruptions the weather in Bythanor is cool at all times of the year and utterly freezing during its winters. Much of the land throughout Bythanor is craggy dotted with hills and smaller mountains.

Population: The majority of the Bythanor population are a fair skinned race that dwell within the seeming darkness of the realm. A third live within the caverns of Zerioc, hermit type races. They have become so used to the darkness that the light of day hurts their eyes. These people are the Night Stalkers. The ones best skilled in fighting at night. The farmers of Itarcene are the producers of the multitudes of food within Bythanor and many of its food is served in feasts at the royal table in Rivellon. The peoples of Rivellon are proud and high strung. Having come from the original Kingdom that once ruled the entire nation.

Currency: In Bythanor, the currency is a common Copper-Nickel variant, emblazoned with Darksilver to give it a grimy, dusky look to it. They come in three kinds: A Voryn, A Seryn and a Zeryu. A Voryn is referred to as the Commoners coin, as all peasants and workers use this form of coin and it serves the meager purpose of buying food, simple clothing, tools and supplies. The Seryn is a luxurious, more delicate variant of a Voryn and is worth 20 times as much, mostly everyone would have some or a bag of this, all but the lowest peasant. It is used in the buying of more fashionable clothing, furniture, land & property rights, and anything that would or could be bought essentially, due to its more visual uses, it is labelled as the Shallow Coin. A Zeryu is worth 1000 Seryn and is a rare sight in any merchants pocket, showing wealth as few get them aside from the nobility, it is more for show or for the visage of power and wealth. It is rarely used, for it's a far less common and only a few thousand coins exist, the only records of its usage are in the mass buying of land, political gains or the odd slave auction. It is stereotyped as the Gilded Coin, as it is adorned in a rare alloy of Gold and Silver that gives it a brilliant glow and grants it a lustrious yellow-brown tinge, to have one instantly gains the possessor fame and power.

Economy: A ravenous, chaotic hustle-and-bustle style of trade and auctioning, supply and demand are fluctuating and strive to confuse outsiders into insanity and legally steal all their money, before selling them off to a slave driver. It's hazardous to those that are beginning to understand, and still confuses the experienced. Although with it's confusing twists and turns, the economy is self-supporting and provides for everyone, giving a basis for further growth, while also capping waste production through the use of furnaces; all strategically placed around the nation.  

Military: Referred to as the Dark Legion, The Nation of Bythanor holds Many secret advances, including those from Zeroic who are better suited to fight at night. The majority of the army are enhanced using dark magic, a form of enchanting where a brand is burnt into their skin and causes a temporary boost to their fighting capability, some have an adverse affect where adrenaline is pumped to such a degree that common sense is lost and they enter a "rage" state; which gave birth to the special branch of the army: The Berserkers, that focus on brute strength and are a menace on the battlefield. The scope of the Legions powers branch into three main categories: Basic, Enhanced and Special. Basic are the common ground troops and fill roles as swordsman, archers, etc. Enhanced are the classes that have either become to unstable for conscious use in battle, so are either used as rampaging hulks or as beasts and/or fiends, chasing and running upon all fours into battle, all the while screaming and howling like dogs. Special members are the casters and supporters of the battlefield, ranging from a mage and warlock to a priest and prophet.

Culture: As most of the population are under the ground, citizens do not see much of the light, turning their skin pale, which means unless they need to for trading, they stay away from members of other societys, the giant steel structures of the city were built on the purpose to stay there. Nothing to get in, nor out unless they had permit from the Monarchs themselves. Rules inside the fortress were kept to, or the punishment would skip all the simple stuff and go straight to death. Disobediance was the thing she hated the most. the hierachy was simple, The queen was the master. The rest were the slaves. They were under her command. As for the military, they were the only thing in Bythanor without these rules, the military, with some form of consent from royalty, could slaughter a town, or raid a house. Bythanor itself is a military trading town, so weaponary is sold at low prices, except some of thye more advanced weapons. They also trade slaves, as a main source of income.

Items of export/trade: Weaponary, Siege weapons, Slaves, Metal work

History of Bythanor:

Every child ever born knew the Legend within Bythanor of how this wonderous world, Utopia, came about. How Mother sacrificed everything in order to give her people a new world, a new lease of life and a place to thrive and evolve in their own time.
However, little is actually known about the peoples Mother set upon the area now known as Bythanor. During the many centuries that followed the Day of Sacrifice, the day that Mother gave her everything in order to make Utopia, Bythanor's name changed frequently. Usually whenever there was a new ruling family on the Throne at the time. It is only within the past two centuries that much has changed over the land and the nation given one name for all time. Where before there was one kingdom ruled by one family, there are now three kingdoms within Bythanor. Each ruled by their own system of government. This change was bought on when a mysterious lady dressed in white, accompanied by a large mute visited the then current ruling family and sought private council. What was uttered between them was never recorded, but when the king stepped from the chamber, his face was as white as the womans garbs. This woman was a seeress and from a place only whispered about. It's name not written on any map but should you come across the large Mount Florain you might be close.

And so, the king decreed that the land be devided. Itarcene was created at the base as well as inside Mt. Florain and to this place people migrated to set up a farming community. These people swore to protect the seeress and her decendants at all cost.
To the far north, Zeroic was formed. This kingdom backed against the craggy summits that devided Bythanor from Tharkon. Here, the people found the land to be scattered with caverns and so these people became a form of hermit. Creating a home within the caverns and under the ground. They became excellent fighters in the dark, as time went by the people of Zeroic could no longer leave the caverns during the day, and so they vowed to protect the passes between Bythanor and Tharkon.

That left Rivellon, the original kingdom with its now smaller population and land mass. The king ruled here and the families that came from him upheld his laws and the kingdom thrived. The royal family never forgot the time the strange woman came to them and broke up their kingdom, but they never held a grudge, fore the seeress had told of a time when the splitting of the nation would benefit everyone and so the split had to be made. Only this piece of information was passed from generation to generation as they waited for the catalisim that would happen as foretold.

As the centuries ticked on by, the three kingdoms thrived, evolving in their own ways as governments and technology and weapon crafting was found. Those that ruled the three kingdoms sought council with the lady in white, whom was always accompanied by a huge mute man as her protector, always making sure that what they did was right. That each Kingdom thrived because of her. And so, each kingdom awaiting the day that the seeress foretold, The Day of the Coming. When Mother would once more return to her world.

Itarcene: Avoria, Seeress Of Bythanor
The Pietra Family - Prince Jordon N. Lazulio

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