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Land Information

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Land Information

Post by Mother on Mon 03 Jan 2011, 20:38


Land Type:
Actezyn nation is mostly water although there is land also this land is scattered from one main island to many tiny ones, these tiny island do have inhabitant, Actezyn land is rich with goodness and because of the water which nourishes the land it easy for them to grow crops but some crops can not be grown here for the condition of the earth is too wet for those crops which need to be dried like wheat and rice. The great and vast oceans that make up Actezyn are filled with wonders to behold and greater dangers. Giant sea animals guard this underwater nation. There are a few islands above the surface for trade and communications with the outside world. People of the Actezyn Nation are protective of their world and will fight anyone not invited, to the death.

[Ledial] - Ledial, A city beneath the water, made by those who chose to live beneath the land these beings are those who have no legs or prefer the water itself. This city was built in mirror to a temple. Made from corals the temple itself is colorful but due to its depth those colors can't be seen from land above. Those who live on land sometimes trail to the deepest depth of the waters to find this city and some do bringing richness back to the city above. Both cites were built to reflect each other that which was meant to be on land was built beneath the sea a temple which housed many races.

[The hidden fortress] - The main island which holds the main city, Devonia, the city of Land was constructed by those who first stood on the land, the city itself grows in height upon the land of Actezyn, Twisting in coils from a Birdseye view it resembles that of a giant shell. Actezyns believed the city being built this way would insure that beings knew it was city of water, that water was its core and that those who offend their beliefs were not welcome. This city was built to ensure safety not that they needed it being surrounded by water and Actezyns the same it was impossible to reach this land. At the peak of this city there is a temple where those who still believe in mother go to pray, ask for their deepest desires to come true and also to say thank you for what she has done for them, so many sacrifices were made to home these people and the Actezyns were very sympathetic. The city itself represents the sea, a coral shell which is meant to be beneath the waters.

[The island above] - These are the names of the island scattered among Actezyns seas used by the civilians for storage and other things, Many of these are Occupied by workers, Fisher men, Craft-mans and even Divers these people are the ones who deliver goods to Actezyns people who then can trade or use it, the fishermen sought out fish and send it to Actezyns main land for not only food but other nations in order to trade for things that they can not make themselves. The craftsmen make boats in order to travel between lands they took an island which was covered by trees purely for this purpose as not many trees grew on the main land and even now they get some of there materials from Byanthor and Tharkon, The Divers for corals and gems which has fallen to the bed of the sea.

Due to Actzeyn being both land and water many races live here, Those who live on land can range from anything, Sea Siren's who not only posses fins but legs too, Amphibious Hybrids. Beneath the waters many creature can be found which most do not know but on the rare occasion people on land sometime come across a mermaid or selkie which can be seen sitting on rocks bathing in the sun. The waters of Actezyn as far as its people know are mainly inhabited by fish and other sea life.


As in all the nations, the currency is a common Copper-Nickel variant, emblazoned with Darksilver to give it a grimy, dusky look to it. They come in three kinds:

[ A Voryn ] - Used by the lower class people to buy goods, Being in Actezyn and poor the Voryn always takes on a aqua tint which makes it impossible to spent through out Utopia, This coin is mainly used for trades among Actezyns people themselves and it serves the meager purpose of buying food, simple clothing, tools and supplies.

[A Seryn] - Used by middle class to buy goods from other nation, this is also what workers receive for there goods as they buy things they need from other Nations. Although these coins aren't as valuable as the Zeryu it the most common for them to use.The Seryn is a luxurious, more delicate variant of a Voryn and is worth 20 times as much, mostly everyone would have some or a bag of this, all but the lowest peasant. It is used in the buying of more fashionable clothing, furniture, land & property rights, and anything that would or could be bought essentially, due to its more visual uses, it is labeled as the Shallow Coin

[ Zeryu] - A Zeryu is worth 1000 Seryn and is a rare sight in any merchants pocket, showing wealth as few get them aside from the nobility, it is more for show or for the visage of power and wealth. It is rarely used, for it's a far less common and only a few thousand coins exist, the only records of its usage are in the mass buying of land, political gains or the odd slave auction. It is stereotyped as the Gilded Coin, as it is adorned in a rare alloy of Gold and Silver that gives it a brilliant glow and grants it a lustrous yellow-brown tinge, to have one instantly gains the possessor fame and power. These coins are used universally throughout Utopia.


Apart from trade within the different tribes of Utopia and underwater races, there is also trade with the earth dwellers, taken part on the islands. These trades are equal; a 1:1 ratio.


An army of Sirens and Mermen armed with golden 5 ft tridents powerful enough to obliterate an enemy within a 100 meter radius. They wear little armor; a thick, but light, chest protection that goes from their neck to the warrior's waist. No helmets or leg armor, though. There are also the Tor'Leena (Giant Sea Turtles) used to carry warriors though the ocean. They have a natural jade color as a base color and a sea green background color which helps them camouflage though the ocean. Though these powerful beasts are slow on land, they are fast under the waves.


Though made up of mostly woman, there are a few men found outside of the kingdom's military. Those not coupled with a male of their species or race will seek mates from the earth dwellers. This is how the hybrid races were created. Any male children found outside the military are kept out until middle age, about 40 years in human age. These men, when trained are trained to be the fiercest fighters, gaining much credit to their names.

Items of export/trade:

Pearls, Coral and Shells. Fish also are a delicacy the earth dwellers seek in trade.

History of Actezyn:

Mothers tears lapped the shores of the islands which had been left unscathed by these precious waters, The races were scattered among the island to progress and so it happened, 5 men and 3 women feet touched the land as many were dropped into the ocean surfacing each group smiled at each other and bid farewell for the time being, Those in the water sinking deep until the last trace of them disappeared into the deep aqua seas and those on land turned to face the empty plains ahead of them.

The women turned to the men and looked at them with hopeful pleas "What shall we do with this land we have been given?" There question bought confusion to the men until one stepped forward, No this was not a man but a child, a child who seemed he was about to take charge of the situation spreading his arms wide his face lit with inspiration and glee "We shall build the king of all cities" And so they construction began. The women traveled back to the untold waters to call upon there fellow Actezyns upon there arrival she spoke with words of wisdom "My friend's we seek your help in the construction of a city. " Those in the water considered this and struck a deal with those on land "We shall help, Using our abilities and men to crave out the stone but we do have one condition on this, The rock you leave spare we wish to use in aid of our city." and So Actezyn had gained two cities within one nation.

The construction began, Those who could not possess leg went back to depths where they waited for the construction of the cities. Those who could possess legs but choose the water switched and used there skills in water to aid those on the land, sharping the water they carved into the Island itself digging it deeper until they created a creator in the middle of the Island around it was walls of rock but not enough for what was needed and so those underwater were called to aid, around sixteen island surrounded the biggest they planned to create this vast city, Those underwater uprooted these island's and guiding them to the main land, the rocks and chunks were placed in a order so that it would support the island which were traveling closer being placed upon top these rocks it supported it and so they did it again, Until the city grew like a tower and six floors were secure, using water they smoothed each rock until it resembled a hollow shell the island which extended out more than the rock walls which supported them creating there levels were dislodged and shifted until they sloped in a spiral, cutting grooves in them to form steps, This became the main feature of this City and soon after walls were put up inside, holes cut out and houses were complete by the time it was completed only four small island remained around Actezyn and no one wanted to be rid of all of them, Those who came from the sea to help took the excess rock back with them as the groups split once more in thanks for there help those on land shattered one edge of there nation causing rocks to fall to the bed of the sea, reducing the island a little in size but a alliance was gained.

Underneath the water those who could not return had built from corals a shell of a temple, choosing to reflect what should be on land as they did with underwater, Those who returned smiled in Awe as they saw the colorful masterpiece before them but knew in time it would fall, Those rocks they had bought back and which fell served as a support to the corals and over time those corals latched on the the rocks growing and extending, living, the temple itself was alive not only with colors but with the corals themselves as small fish made homes within them, other amphibious creatures drew close to the temple, where they came from no one knew. Over the course of two moons two great cities were born, Those on land new of the other nations being created but those underwater did not.

Coming to the surface once more to see how far those on land had progressed they were astonished by the magnificent view before them, Children were playing and the young man who gave his ideas, told them of the magnificent city they were to build was watching over all Actezyn, Coming to the waters edge he greeted those friends he had no contact with and told the stories of the land of Green, Where plant life flourished, The land of Dust he called it where nothing was but fine grains, The land of Stone which was as higher than Actezyns city but not as beautiful, the land of Air which was blessed with the gift of flight and the dreaded land of fire which threatened to erase the nations with its red hot flames. Those from the water smiled in awe and cowered in fear at the mention of there being other nations, other people, more gifted and strong but they knew that even if they were strong and gifted they were wise also, to avoid trouble those underwater kept to there selves and those on land promised to protect the nation with all they had.

And so Actezyn was created and was at its full glory. The young boy whose idea it was to create such a city grew old and soon passed and so the peace of the land broke and those underwater causes waves of grief to come crashing down on Actezyns city destroying what they had worked so hard to make, Someone with great power stopped the final blow and called for calmness another young child, this young child, child of the first ruler of Actezyn, Was he as great as his father had been? He ordered those around him to restore the city and so they did, He told those beneath the waters that they were in debt for the destruction they had bought upon there city and so they became the guardians of Actezyn, As time passed those on land realized that the old Ruler blood which ran through the child's veins were not the only thing they shared, This new child was strong, Talented and shared his fathers dream and so with the Guardians of Actezyn on hand, the child became the Honorable lord of Actezyn and they worked together to restore the peace to Actezyn with a written oath that this peace will never destroyed and they were determined to make that so.


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