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The Legend

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The Legend

Post by Mother on Mon 03 Jan 2011, 21:32

Mothers Legend.
Centuries ago before mankind and others were created a land was born. How? A goddess, beauty unmatched by no other, forever bored with the infinite Heavens grew lonely as time passed; she wished for a world of her own. Her mighty magicks clashed with the universe as she sculpted her idea of perfection. When she was done, Ebanor was born. The goddess took it as her duty to care for this planet and spent many years caring for it; it was perfection to her. Until one unfortunate day the goddess fell ill and she left the land untamed while she regained her health. Many years had passed and when she finally walked the land once more she was shocked by how much it had evolved in her absence. It seemed to have wandered way from her into the vast Universe for it had gained a sun. Being fond of astronomy the goddess recognized this sun as Lebron. Lebron was the only sun in the universe which did not have a planet to revolve around but orbited around leaving only a big, empty space. It seemed that fate, a power much greater than the goddess had brought the sun and this new planet together. With this Sun came a moon. This moon was not like any other she had seen, nor did she know its name. The goddess began looking upon her star charts and soon found that this moon was not in any records she had ever gained. Being part of this universe she did not know how she could have missed the moon so she came to the conclusion that the moon was created along with the planet. She named the moon herself Zyrona and so it began. Ebanor born from the goddess magick and she as its mother cared for the planet until its eventual death.

The death of Ebanor

The goddess walked upon her planet, and felt the very core of it decaying beneath her bare soles. Causing her great pain and sorrow. She sat upon the land and wept for a savior for her land…but nothing came. She sat and waited for the death of her planet deciding she could wait no longer she did something she didn't think she would ever need to do again—she went to the greatest and most knowledgeable goddess in existence, Mother. Upon meeting Mother, the frail old goddess looked upon her daughter with sorrow as if she could feel the goddess' very pain. After much pleading and disapproval's Mother finally told the young goddess that it was time to let her planet pass on. The goddess was defensive and swore she would not let her planet die and returned there. Many moons passed and the land grew sicker. Soon it was crumbling away and so with that the land died. With it's passing came great sorrow for Mother, the passing of her daughter too, the goddess had watched as her land died and couldn't bare it. She thought of the sickness which had taken her land and blamed herself for not being able to protect it and so two moons after the planet had passed the goddess passed soundlessly in her sleep.

Mother was filled with a longing, a longing which made her believe in many ways it was her fault that her daughter had died; she was blessed with the gift of foresight, and saw the planets death. In the end Mother concluded the sickness took her daughters planet took her daughter. With the races which had survived the passing of her daughter planet, Mother took them to her and watched as the remains of what once was Ebanor slip into a black hole, vanishing into the dark abyss, but not before taking the body of her dead child with her. Ebanor was gone and the life which strives on it was saved at the cost of her daughter’s life and dreams, Mother made a decision and strove to create a world where those from Ebanor could live and progress where they couldn't before. A planet which unlike Ebanor would strive and live longer but always will its inspiration be her daughter. Being wise and old herself she was more experienced than her child and the creation soon came after the passing of Ebanor but with the creation of the planet mother sought out for a sign which hold the inspiration in place and so she walked on the planet for the first time with a purpose.

Having taken her daughter’s body with her she cast it up into skies above the planet. A sliver light moved around the young goddess's body and smoothed it out until it made a perfect silver orb, Mother had turned her daughter's body into a moon, the moon of this new land so that even in this planet’s darkest hours her daughter would light the world up and bring hope. Evania became the moon but Mother couldn't bear her heart being so distant from her child so she took it from her body and cast it into the skies next to her daughter. A golden light surrounded it and expanded it until it made a perfect golden orb, the same size as Evania, thus mothers heart was with her child once more and both become parts of the land knowing that Evania, the moon and Xanthippe, the sun would orbit this new planet until the end.

The creation of the nations

Mother looked upon the world as she mourned for her daughter. Tears had been falling for long towards the planet and with it came the creation of water. Her tears dried out soon and left some of the land dry but she had created a sea and within it strove a land. She scattered the most water with highly adapted races. She told them as they descended onto this world to evolve and adapt and to make this land into what they wished it. In time, this land grew and Actezyn was formed.

As Mother watched those races she had cast upon the surface of the planet progress, she sought out a way to create a place for those she had left. Casting her earthly form the earth broke free of the water and grew higher until the peak of this land mass was touching the first bank of clouds. Spreading a select gathering of races onto this land, she told them as she did with the Actezyn's to progress and create the place they wish for, and so Bythanor was born.

Mother smiled down on Actezyn as they had progressed further than what she expected but looking over to Bythanor she saw something that displeased her. The Bythanor's were cutting into the earth and discarding it. Anger raged within Mother and at that time the planet seemed to change. In the far corners of the world, fire spilled from the land, creating huge craters, uplifting the land and melting it until it turned into lava. This lava traveled towards Bythanor. Mother calmed and the lava and slowed, saving the Bythanors and their city within the mountain. Over time the lava hardened and crumbled, leaving rubble and small grains of land scattered all over. From the fire had emerged from the earth, great fiery mountains formed, which held deep pools of lava. Farvon was born within these regions. The desert plains became Zyndon. Mother scattered those with thick skin that could withstand immense heat to Farvon, and those with the instinct of survival to Zyndon telling them to progress and create a world that they wished for.

Four nations had been created. With the creation of Farvon and Zyndon Mother’s anger had caused part of the world to erupt in flames. In that event huge pieces of land had erupted into the skies above the tallest of Volcanoes and were suspended. This land had somehow remained airborne even after she had calmed. Shironi was born from Farvon, Mother placed races with wings there. She told them to progress and create the land they wished for. Almost immediately those who could fly for long periods of time traveled to Actezyn and carried great amounts of water from the unused land back to Shironi, spilling as little as possible on their journey. They gave the land water and revived it from its deadened state. Shironi soon progressed into a haven above the fiery land.

The water which the Shironi had dropped seemed wasted but Mother was so proud that they had revived the deadened land that she ignored the loss. To her surprise, greenness seemed to sprout from the earth and after many moons. Thickets of forests and wilderness had grown on the unused land, Mother was astonished and those races which had been left in her care were scattered throughout the woodland. The water of Actezyn seemed to trail upon this land creating small streams,and soon the plant life became vibrant as it fed off those very streams. Mother was lost for words at the creation of this place and named it Tharkon.

After watching the progression of the land Mother seemed to become lonely for she couldn't return to the planet. It seemed those races which she had scattered throughout had taken her words and not stopped progressing the places they had been given and so Mother remained alone until a lone child from Shironi had seen her gazing down upon the world. Fear shone in the child's eye as it shouted for its mother. The child's mom approached and showed no fear, explaining to the child that she was the planets mother, the one who gave them life the child calmed down but mother couldn't rid herself of the fear the child held and so with that she cast a shield around her home so that it could not be seen by anyone unless given passage by herself and she remained hidden. Mother searched the land for a select few and soon chose the most Agile(Zyndon), Strong(Byanthor), Wise(Shironi), Proud(Farvon), Free spirited(Actezyn) and Caring(Tharkon) to be her eyes. These select few would know of Mother’s place, carry news to her from its people, let her know of its progression and be Mother’s eyes within the world.

Still with the world

Although she lost everything she loved in the past, and had given up so much to create this world if you listen carefully you will hear the fallen goddess singing in the wind, her sorrow in the rain, her happiness in the rays of sunshine she casts down upon the planet, feel her in the earth and see her in the vast oceans. Even though Mother had created these worlds and scattered the races far and wide Mother had kept two young children with her and they watched the progression of the world with her. Now, all grown up Mother cast them upon the world as the worlds two warriors; they roam free and protect all. Mother is always there when you need her most, in your dreams, prayers, and in the world around you. In her daughters name Utopia was born.

As time passed

Years passed and Utopia grew more than Mother could possibly have imagined, She felt it time that she no longer watch upon the world and so cast her spirit into the world to be reborn once more. In Bythanor a young woman, born to be the next Seer was born and raised. Soon evolving into her birth right with her first prophesy of Mothers return. And lo, it was as she said. In the farthermost corner another young woman was born, purple of hair and eyes, she was an abnormality of her time, but more special than those around her realized. This child grew and traveled the world and when finally both young women met, their meeting shook the earth and those in the heavens of Shironi felt the coming more as the bells in Mothers Temple tolled out her arrival. So as the young Seer had prophesied Mother had returned and all seemed well in the world.

Time passed and the world evolved more so, the two young women became close friends as they traveled the world but chaos raged and reared its ugly head and so it was Mothers child Source that found the heart of that chaos and so put it to sleep. It was with greater sadness though that it had been Mothers other child Acrux that had been its heart. So with his infinite power, Source moved to the sky, taking the guardians of Utopia with him and cast a seal over the world. Cutting off the chaos and decay that had formed and so moved the world into a different time, a time in the future though he was not sure how far. During this time, the peoples slept as it took many moons for the deed to be accomplished and when they woke, they had not aged a day.
Now there is peace on Utopia once more and the land is once more thriving after such an ordeal but with Mother once more walking the earth and her only child having sacrificed so much for such an accomplishment, it is only with time that all will be revealed.

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