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Forum and Chat Rules

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Forum and Chat Rules

Post by Mother on Mon 03 Jan 2011, 21:48

Role play rules

  1. You must be at least semi-literate.
  2. Keep in character. If you are arguing with someone with in a story line yet you have a personal argument with that person, the personal argument must stay out of the SL for it is not your characters problem but your own.
  3. No markings ( * ~ - etc) You do not need to ass marks to show your role play if you are in a SL you will always be role playing.
  4. No “godmoding,” “over controlling." You may not role play another character's thoughts, actions, or decisions unless you have permission from the character's owner. This is offensive to other players and ruins all the fun of RP dynamics and writing style. Likewise, you may not injure or harm another character. For example, you may role play that your character swings his weapon, but it is up to the receiving player to role play whether the strike connects.
    No “Mary-Sue” elitism. In other words no Over powering your characters. No your characters can not be immortal. Each character must have the same amount of weakness as strengths. Any over powering information will be asked by one of our staff to be edited or removed according on what the character contains.
  5. Mature role play, We will not stop you from having sexual scenes with another character but please keep in mind that you are in a PG-13 forum. If you wish to do so you either need to have granted permission from Mother or be discreet about what it is you are doing.
  6. Write in a style of Fiction. Everyone's Role play post should be in third person, When talking or speaking you can use first person but your characters actions must be in a fictional manner.
  7. Characters may only be in one thread at a time. This site is realistic and therefore your characters can no physically be in two places which are at other ends of the earth at the same point in time.

Forum rules

  1. Respect other members and Staff. This community strives to create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere. A place where you can escape the events of your average day life. Try not to spoil it, If you have any issues or problems with this then you may contact a member of staff.
  2. No spamming or flaming.
  3. Do not join someone Else's SL without there permission. If the SL is open to all then that is fine but others may want to do a private SL.
  4. Please read all the category before creating your role play characters. If you have a Race or something you wish to use that we do not have in Utopia please Pm Admin or a member of staff requesting if you can use it. That member of staff shall then update everyone and the list.

    Chat rules

    When in the portal chat you must follow all these rules and please keep to the accounts you have be assigned due to lagging out the chat. It isn't fun for others.
    If Mother, Her children or one of the Guardians find you to be on an account not approved by admin, you will be firstly given a warning, if it happens again after that, you will be banned from the chat. For every time you log in and chat on an acc not approved by admin, the time you are banned for will be longer. IE 1. warning 2. ban for 1 day 3. ban for one week 4. 2 weeks and so on and so forth.


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