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Welcome To Utopia

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Welcome To Utopia

Post by Mother on Mon 03 Jan 2011, 21:50

Welcome to Utopia

Utopia is a forum set on a planet created by a unique being within the universe around us, Mother. Also of its land:
Farvon A land created by fire, Volcanoes and ash.
Shironi The light of Utopia, Shadowing Farvon from the heavens above.
Actezyn The biggest Nation in Utopia as its water covers the majority of the planet
Zyndon The only thing unknown in Utopia, Those who stay secret in the shadows compelled by darkness.
Tharkon Where everything pure grows covering the nation with its Majestic colors.
Byanthor Containing the highest piece of land on Utopia, Byanthor towers over all.

These are the nations within Utopia, each Nation is devised for their strengths although each have their weakness. If you wish to be something which needs water to Survive Actezyn is the place for you, If you wish to be something else then do so. You can Role play where ever you like in this Vast world just know not all beings in Utopia are friendly as they are off the pages of the Forum. Your character creations are required for you to role play within Utopia here These characters need to be approved and revised by the Templar who will help you progress your characters to fit in within Utopia

Here and Now

You have passed all things to become a member of Utopia and so we welcome you with open arms. If you are ever in need of help many in Utopia will help you but there are people who you can turn to. The guides have been provided by Utopia to help as they know the Lore as well as most, They can help you travel easily through Utopia. If you are confused about something, they are there to answer your questions, If you need help on your creations, they are there to advise you but more importantly they will be there for you until they feel you are ready to spread your wings and take the Adventure which is known as Utopia yourself.

What is Utopia.

Utopia is a free fantasy role-play forum world enraptured by Magyck for all who wish for an adventure.
Here, we will not restrain your creativity, we welcome it! What we accept in Utopia is almost anything, Nothing can too over powering of course. The information we have on Utopia is limited as we do not wish to restrict you but there are certain things that have been put in place for you, The legend, The nations, and those who will help you develop but that doesn't mean that Utopia will stay this way forever, With new members comes new ideas and as much as we value our members we value your contributions to the site also. Utopia will progress with its member and become a better and more fun place, with more things within this paradise to do. If you ever have any thoughts or suggestions then please don't hesitant in posting them Here, we love new ideas and seeing what others have to offer in ways of experience is a great way to add fun and excitement to a new place for everyone.

Do you dare to break through your reality and join in another?

The basics: This forum revolves around 6 Nations, Shironi, Tharkon, Bythanor, Farvon, Zyndon and Actezyn. Each Nation has its own style, its own era... each Nation unique and special. A little something for everyone, you could say. Our ways are simple, our rules are few and fair... We keep the peace, with each other and the outsiders; and most importantly, we have fun.

Still interested? lets dive deeper.

Process of Joining: You come to the forum and thus this is the right place for you now you register as a member. Once that is done you can begin to work on your characters, First think of where you would like your character to start off, this is the most important thing. Why you ask?
Actezyn a nation surrounded by water, Can you character swim the distance between Nations? I think not, Does you character have the power to Submerge themselves in water for hours on end.

Tharkon, Where magic lies, where live grows from the land itself, Does you character strive around nature? or would it like to destroy it.

Shironi is suspended in the air and therefore if your character does not possess some means of flight, traveling then your character will be stranded there forever more.

Farvon, The land of Fire, Can your character with stand the immense heat which covers the land or will their skin seep just on approach.

Byanthor, Dirt and earth, It is a mountain, Does your character have the Stamina and strength to ascend up the mountain or are they weak and can not get past the first hurdle

Zyndon, the land of Sand, where travelers get lost from the ongoing sand, Do you possess the right intellect to progress through this treacherous land or are you isolated enough to become part of it.

After you have evaluated where you would like to place your character you then need to choose a race which suits this, Whether it be Angel, Siren, Fairy, Harpie, Dragon, Salamander, Troll then you may create your character to fit that nation but not just that nation but all nations in Utopia. These characters will then be revised and approved by a Templar but be warned some of them are strict on what a character may possess and will ask you to change certain things, Even though they do this it is not to change your character to something they wish but to help your character fit in with Utopia more than it already does.

Mother is watching over you all.

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