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The Levels of Thousand Spire. -Unfinished.)-

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The Levels of Thousand Spire. -Unfinished.)-

Post by Guest on Sun 09 Jan 2011, 16:43

"Man by day, A demon by night. When the moon appears, he shall take flight. His pearly skin opens, to reveal a monster still unbroken. Raging the town in murderous gorey. And after decades of horror, a heroes bullet will end his story."

Furthest from the natural civilizations of man, deep in the desert, and yet stretched out in peninsula lies one of the most demonic places in all of Utopia, The Thousand Spire. A place where possibly one of the most powerful Demon resides. His being dormant, at rest for the time being. Only the tales of his merciless judgments, and the millions of demons guarding the Spire keeping anyone at bay. Anyone who could possibly make their way to the God like Demon, and releasing him from once more arising.

-(Below this I will begin to post the Stages of Thousand Spire individually. The completion of this may take up to a week. So don't expect to be seeing absolute results for a while.)-


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