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Fri 17 May 2013, 01:42 by Mother

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Welcome one and all to my little corner of the universe, vast as it is. Utopia is a little slice of paradise. It is how it seems. Fantasy based but steeped in current technology as well as future technology. This a world where you can spread your wings, whether you are new to roleplaying or old. I hold no grudges and offer you creative sanctuary within Utopia's walls. You will not be restricted upon what you can create, if anything it is implored you be as creative as possible. The only restriction i place is that you can not be a god, No over powered characters allowed here, that even includes myself. But please, do not let this hamper you in your search for creative play. The doors were long left open, just waiting for your arrival.
  • Zyndon

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  • Na'zeir

    Said to be lying directly in the center of Zyndon, Na'zeir is the closest thing the tribes men have to a capital. And although none but them know the exact location, and few outsiders have said to seen it. It is vividly described as a place of beauty. A place were you are cooled despite the heat, were the smell of spices fill the air, and a place where jewels of all sorts decorate anything fit to deserve them. With the horizon some believe that the jewels spoken about reflect in a dazzling show of colors. Lightning up the darkening sky with beauty one could not imagine.
    The Assassins Bureau, Thieves Market, Fatna Prison
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    So It Begins
    Thu 20 Aug 2015, 23:58
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  • Thousand Spire

    A mountain like area that is said to have been made by the Goddess herself to imprison a large terrible demon. Hundreds of tips; each not too big create a sort of maze which creatures of all sorts inhabit. Whether they take flight from the tops of the peaks, or are ground dwellers; they are dangerous all the same. However, during the day it is near impossible to see the area until close up due to mirages.
    Dante's Cavern, Staircase of Shadows, Lake Viri
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  • Dragon Tooth Village

    Deep in the desert lies this small merchant village, a place of rarity due to it's abundance of water from an Oasis that sits nearby, and that of and underground canal as well. However it consist primarily of traders; be they permanent ones or those of caravans. The settlement is built around a large rock shaped like that of a dragons tooth. Something which has led to those believing it is actually that of an Ancient dragons, thus giving it it's name.
    Dragota Tempalis, Paradisus, The Lanced Fang
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