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Rare Items and Artifacts

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Rare Items and Artifacts

Post by Mother on Sun 09 Jan 2011, 03:47

The Book Of Prophesy

Description: A large thick book. Its pages browned slightly by many years, though it is unsure by how many exactly. A while ribbon of some sort is attached to the top and used to mark pages within the volume. It is encase with a thick, durable type of animal skin or something akin to leather.

-Region: Itarcene
-Resting Place: The Seers Level
-Current Owner(s): Avoria

Enchantments: The book, though showing some form of age, is actually many centuries old. For this reason, a spell was once cast upon the large volume in order to keep it in its current prime condition for generations of Seeress' to come.

Rarity: ♦

History: This book dates back to the very first ever Seeress of Bythanor. When vision became prophesy and it was advised things should be noted down. Fore these were the words of Mother. And so, since then, over the ages, each Seeress that has been subject to visions has recorded each and every single one of them within the book while the seers watched the world and reported how each vision came true.
There is one vision all the seers look eagerly forward to. The return of Mother.


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