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Land Information

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Land Information

Post by Mother on Mon 03 Jan 2011, 19:12

Nation: Tharkon. The forest nation

Land Type:
Tharkon is a chaotic land, and the land shows such. For the verdant vegetation and forest stretch all along its borders, though the magic of Tharkon is plentiful as the trees always keep their leaves, forever rustling in the breeze the music of the trees heard throughout the seasons. Though in northern Tharkon were its border meets Bythanor's do the trees give way to the magnatamous view of Tharkon's mountains, their heighs reaching to the heights of Shironi itself. It is in these mountains that Mt. Nddare from which the Dryear Eplith rules his sacred land.

Hidden in the haven of Tharkon are many races. Many of whom would kill you on site if it so fancied them and many whom would offer guidance, but at a price. What they price is, always changes. An Elf type race, called the Setyan is one of the many races that dwell beneath the vast canopy, a proud and often noble race. Their cat like eyes and reflexes are world renown, as are their skills in making bows and arrows, they live along with the nymphs of the trees. These women are all very protective of their trees and despise human kind for their ignorance about nature. The Fae also reside here, deep and hidden beneath the earth. One could find them if one was to step inside a fairy ring of mushrooms. Many other races live amongst these. This human, animal cross breeds are ubiquotous in Therkon. They mostly stay in tribes either on the very outskirts of the forest, or deep in the center. Some of these cross breed which are called Inri are savage, and if an intruder enters their tribe. They will get killed.

As in all the nations, the currency is a common Copper-Nickel variant, emblazoned with Darksilver to give it a grimy, dusky look to it. They come in three kinds: A Voryn, A Seryn and a Zeryu. A Voryn is referred to as the Commoners coin, as all peasants and workers use this form of coin and it serves the meager purpose of buying food, simple clothing, tools and supplies. The Seryn is a luxurious, more delicate variant of a Voryn and is worth 20 times as much, mostly everyone would have some or a bag of this, all but the lowest peasant. It is used in the buying of more fashionable clothing, furniture, land & property rights, and anything that would or could be bought essentially, due to its more visual uses, it is labelled as the Shallow Coin. A Zeryu is worth 1000 Seryn and is a rare sight in any merchants pocket, showing wealth as few get them aside from the nobility, it is more for show or for the visage of power and wealth. It is rarely used, for it's a far less common and only a few thousand coins exist, the only records of its usage are in the mass buying of land, political gains or the odd slave auction. It is stereotyped as the Gilded Coin, as it is adorned in a rare alloy of Gold and Silver that gives it a brilliant glow and grants it a lustrious yellow-brown tinge, to have one instantly gains the possessor fame and power. These coins are used universally throughout Utopia.
However, in Tharkon there is also an object that Tharkon’s use as a special form of currency. It is an unusual shape and looks like it is made of wood. But if one were to get their hands on this object and were to bite into it, they would most probably break a tooth. While it looks like it is a simple wooden object it is not. Heat resistant and unbreakable. A great tree is depicted upon one side while the other is a blank surface. This object has no real value though it is a priceless thing as it is rare. Crafted by magic there are possible only a few hundred of these coins scattered throughout Utopia. Not only can they be used as Currency but also safe passage within the more dangerous parts of Tharkon.

Trade within Tharkon is rare and exclusive. To trade with a Tharkon are rare occurrences as these people are reclusive and do not normally interact with the outside world. Though it has been heard of for them to sell anything they may have extra rather than store it away.

Military: Tharkon has no real form of sovereignty thus there is no unified military force of Tharkon, but those that reside within its forest are very protective of their home and do not look likely upon those who attempt to harm it. The land is divided by many warmongering clans that constantly fight to expand their borders, it is not rare to see a pact amongst some of these smaller clans. Though their is one position within the nation that all know and respected by all, Dryear Eplith, meaning 'Champions of the Forest' in elven. This title is given to whoever it is that currently occupies Mt. Nddare, the sacred mountain just at the northern border of Tharkon. Though this is all a big game of 'king of the hill' for each in the forest follow the Dryear Eplith, yet all fight to steal the position for themselves, in Tharkon, might is right. Agile, stealthy, and fast, the warriors of the leaves are not to be trifled with, never fight a Tharkonan on their own land.

The Tharkon people keep mostly to themselves, rarely leaving the safe haven of their home. They base their lives around the peace and tranquility of the forest lifestyle. Their quiet nature makes for excellent craftsmanship of wooden object and arts depicting Fae and valiant elves. The Setyan race is known for their stealthy ability and great craftsmanship of arrows and bows. To buy a bow made from a Setyan is a prize worth treasuring. The Tharkon people are, although quiet and often times peaceful, most deadly if angered greatly.

Items of export/trade: Food, Hemp cloth, bows and arrows

Little is known about the lands of Tharkon. There are no records of any form of history at all. It's pretty much a land all it's own who has a council of about twenty of the oldest inhabitants of the lands. Does anyone dare seek the history of Tharkon out? Or are the rumors true that Tharkon doesn't have a history because it's actually a nation of where private killings take place?


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