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Land Information

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Land Information

Post by Mother on Mon 03 Jan 2011, 20:34

Farvon (The Fire Nation)

Land Type:
Farvon is split into three main places Sarlynion, Dragons Ridge, Dragonis temple each place is named due to its environment, Although all the land of Farvon was created the same certain places prove more popular than others. The land which the beings who were scattered is dry even though the earth is full of richness due to its hard soils and the immense heat which scathe across the top of the surface it is hard to grow crops.

[Sarlynion] - This is one of the last remaining Civilizations within Farvon a great city built into the face of a Volcano which in current time has remained clam since the second great eruption, it was believed by farvons that this Volcano itself will be forever more inactive. The name of this City is Sarlynion for it is the only city which is has been carved into Mount Sarlynion itself. Although this city is carved into the face of the Volcano it is hard to reach as the the climb is steep the easiest way to enter is by working there way through the weaving tunnels and catacombs within the volcano, they were made by the men who built this city over a century ago, moving into the heart of the city which is the cites foundation a huge statue of a dragon crouched as it was hunting, this is the city main feature and only one there is a figure of a person no one knows this person true gender all they know is that is stood in front of the Dragon as if it was commanding it, this statue inspires the civilians to not fear the beasts within Farvon but to show them they are here to stay.

[Dragon's ridge] - Although the name would indicate that this is a place solely of dragons is not correct, Although dragons do live here it was given its name before the ancestors of Farvon knew of this they had named the place Dragon ridge soley because it was a line of 5 volcanoes, these volcanoes are still active within Farvon and sometimes seep the hot molten lava but never fully erupting. There isn't much life here expect for those dragons who have found homes in the deepest depths of the volcanoes. It is known that when one of these volcanoes erupt the other erupt in sync, covering Farvon's land with lava and killing all life that stands in its way. The eruption of Dragon's Ridge has only happened twice in recorded history so far. The first of these Eruptions caused a huge peace of the earth to erupt into the heavens, this piece of earth was the size of its own island not as Farvon itself but until this day it has been suspended above the nation causing a great shadow leaving Dragon's ridge in Darkness.

[ Caverns Of Draconis ] - A small place within Dragon Ridge. This is merely named for its ongoing caverns and twisting tunnels, these caverns are said to not only go around one Volcano but all them linking them into one, These tunnels are occupied by Dragons and some of the men from Farvons great city mine here for Gems and Metal although there times are limited due to dehydration and the beasts which stroll around freely. Some people say that have heard people in those tunnels but no one has ever seen them only heard there screams and laughter, many other believe that it is the screech of the dragons themselves but no one has ventured far enough to tell if this Myth and these stories are true.

[Dragonis Temple] - This temple first formed on one of the biggest Volcanoes, this Volcano is alone at the far end of Farvon, the greatest distance from the City itself, The reason being no one knows but the shape of the temple was created by the Volcano itself, There are many beliefs about this Temple, that it is Omen and those who step into this forbidden place will fall to misfortune but other believe it is a place of Worship a temple made by nature itself and carved by men to worship Mother as a token of faith and love. The building itself first formed within the first Eruption when a group of people were wandering around in the Volcanoes, these tunnels had been thrown out into the open when the lava began boil from its pit at the bottom suspending it upon a pool of lava, those who were in the tunnels survived and a huge boulder which harden upon the top of the earth which those survivors stood on, they worked endlessly carving the boulder into a grand temple, the main room of a temple supported a statue of Mother straddling a dragon which pillars held up the room in the form of dragons.

Farvon is populated by those who can withstand the heat. The most common specie are the Dragon's for they are the ones who populated this land before man. In certain parts of this nation you will find, Dwarfs, Incubus\Succubus and Dark Elves are known to reside along with stray Demons. Besides Dragon's the other more common beasts you would encounter would be creatures like the Salamander along with several others. There are a mix of beings and beasts but each of them can habitat the nation without the nations atmosphere causing great damage to there healths.

As in all the nations, the currency is a common Copper-Nickel variant, emblazoned with Darksilver giving it a grimy, dusky look to it. They come in three kinds; A Voryn, A Seryn and a Zeryu.

[The Voryn] - A coin referred to as the "Commoners coin", as all peasants and workers use this form of coin and it serves the meager purpose of buying food, simple clothing, tools and supplies.

[The Seryn] - A luxurious, more delicate variant of a Voryn and is worth 20 times as much, mostly everyone would have some or a bag of this, all but the lowest peasant. It is used in the buying of more fashionable clothing, furniture, land & property rights, and anything that would or could be bought essentially, due to its more visual uses, it is labelled as the Shallow Coin.

[The Zeryu] - This coin is worth 1000 Seryn and is a rare sight in any merchants pocket, showing wealth as few get them aside from the nobility, it is more for show or for the visage of power and wealth. It is rarely used, for it's a far less common and only a few thousand coins exist, the only records of its usage are in the mass buying of land, political gains or the odd slave auction. It is stereotyped as the Gilded Coin, as it is adorned in a rare alloy of Gold and Silver that gives it a brilliant glow and grants it a lustrous yellow-brown tinge, to have one instantly gains the possessor fame and power. These coins are used universally throughout Utopia.

[Dragire] - Many years ago a miner was digging in one of the many ore pockets, he came upon a metal that was unlike anything Farvon had seen. Embedded with its hardened surface, crystals had formed. The more the miners dug, the bigger the pocket became. The Monarchy at the time heard of this wondrous metal and declared it be shaped for the nations currency. On one side you will find the picture of a dragon and on the other, the face of whomever sits upon the throne of Farvon because of these coins appearance the currency was given the name Dragire. This coin is also said to hold the essence of Farvon as the metal shows the determination, stability and sheer durability. This shows that the Nation as a whole can deal with whatever it faces without fear. The Dragon and current Monarch represent the Nations Fiery passion, will and respect for one another as they believe working together and in unison is what made the Nation so glorious. CoinCoin2

Farvons Economy system is very given because of Farvons nature, Farvons give homes to others who are in need of it, Food to those who lack food and water to those who dehydrate from the heat. Many say Farvon is poor and in wealth they are for there land is far too dense to grow crops and any cattle brought to the nation dies out due to the immense heat and watering conditions also these animals can not live off the land for nothing grows but many of these Animals fall to the dragons. Even though Farvon is poor in wealth it is Rich in love, no one in Farvon considers there selves lacking in anything because what one person owns everyone owns.

The military of Farvon isn't devised for the abilities of a person, Most of its members are those who live a normal day life on Farvon, every male, young child is a warrior of Farvon. The fighting formation of the dragons whom aid in defending the nation are very well known through out the world as the most fiercest fighters.

People of Farvon are known for there craftsmanship but many are remember for the way they stand out, every civilian of Farvon is proud to be of Farvon, every man strong and ready to fight for its nation, to protect there land and the land of others, Women of Fravon, Insightful and Egoistic yet they see there flaws and prefect until each and everyone is as close to perfect as they can be. Farvon the nation of fire, its people are as feisty as the Lava and angered as easy the volcano's. That is why they are proud people for not only do they live on the land they are part of it.

Items of export/trade:
Metals (Iron, Steel and Copper), Gems (Various), Weaponry (Swords, Sheilds, Armor, Bows), These are the most common items that Farvon stock, Make and create. Farvon's are also know for trading Skin's ( Dragon skin, Phoenix feathers) on a rare basis, Either a dragon has passed and the corpse founded by other and skinned and the feathers fallen from the ones body and made its way to land.

Farvon's history:

Many moons ago, After the death of the goddess mother sought out the creation of Utopia, Her emotions and sacrifices given land to this planet and home to many races which were scattered among Utopia. Farvon was created from mother Anger, An anger which accorded after she had given land to those who now go by Byanthors, This anger caused the land to erupt in Lava, flames to incarcerate all the plant life within this very nation, How Farvon came to calm no one knows but they wait patiently for a day when Farvon will erupt in anger once more.

After the creation of this land, Mother scattered those races who could withstand the immense heat to live and progress Farvon, Many of those grouped together and formed a small group of Farvon's but others strayed wanting to take there own paths, crossing most of Farvons nation they returned to the small coven which had not only began to build a city but had completed it. A temple sat in the middle of this city as many small houses and shacks scattered around it, A wall so high surrounded this City in hopes that if the volcanoes will erupt again the wall will protect the Farvons from the lava which split across the Nation, Those who had returned had taken up some of the shacks, No one had entered the temple or claimed it as there home for they thought the one chosen by mother to lead there Nation and make it great should be the only one allowed to dwell in this temple but as those who lived on Farvon looked around it became apparent that no one had what it took to run this Nation, Not even the elders who had devised the layout of the City and its protection, Many of those who had returned to the temple had taken it upon them selves to claim that they were mothers gift and should rule the land but each everyone only caused chaos and was taken by power until each one had died, It came as a written rule of Farvon after the 6th person failed to keep this Nation peaceful. That no one will enter the temple and become leader of the nation until some sign that they were sent by mother to aid them was given.

Farvon progressed little over the years, Having built a city which was unoccupied greatly, The lack of food and water causing them to become unhealthy and the majority of the civilians dying due to the dire needs of natural life's resources. The new generations which were born into Farvon and had never known of mother had grouped together and sought out to help the City. The descended upon Farvons land to travel to the farthest edge of the Nation and scout for things they could need, And so on the 6th moon they left carrying nothing but a small amount of rations and the clothes on there back. For 9 moons they were gone and the city of Farvon perished in there absence.

Those travelers, Made there way across the deadly land of Farvon, Through a place they thought to name dragons Ridge, A line of volcanoes which were found homes to some of the most dangerous beast these men had ever seen, in truth it was the only beast's these men had ever seen, big scaled bodes, talons larger than them themselves, Wings and the gift of breathing flame, what remarkable creatures, the tread carefully through Dragons ridge until they were a great distant away from the volcanoes and the beast's known as Dragons. The oldest of the group sought out leadership "We shall move towards the sound's" He spoke as if he was ruler and those who accompanied him were his men, laughter rippled through the group at this young males pompous act and soon the laughter died for they realized they had been traveling now for what seemed like ages, there rations were low and they had no destination. Why had they taken such a dangerous job if they could not complete it.

Across fiery land the traveled, Sneaking past beast's they knew they could not protect themselves from until they reached the edges of the nation where they found water, Cool clear blue water, An impulse took over each one as they dived into the blue Abyss, drinking and washing until they felt refreshed and Revived. Now the youngest one exclaimed " We should build a city closer to this edge so we can hydrate ourselves more!" Each one looked at each other, it was a good idea but still they gained water but lacked food. "We should traveled to north to see what lies ahead of us" He spoke clearly, many nodded in agreement and so the travelers removed there self from the sea of mother tears and traveled once more around, They moved around the edge of Farvon, staying as close to the water's edge as possible. When they had reached the north of Farvon they found the land flat and sturdy but no sign of food, Water still lapped against the shores of Farvon and so these brave travelers gave up on finding food only to return back to the city of Farvon.

Upon walking into the city no one greeted them, Everything was silent and the remains of the Farvons spread through out the city, Each one broke away from the group and ran towards there homes where they found nothing apart from what was left of there families, Sorrow filled each member as cries of loss echoed through out the city. They had been gone so long and now in turn blamed each other for extending there search for food. fist where thrown at one another the blame passed between each member of this group until a cry of a child broke through the shouting, echoing through out the city. Each one froze there was life at last and they were off.

Running throughout the city searching, houses, huts, any crevice a child could fit. The search lasted for 3 days until it came to an end and each person ended up at the front of the temple. Sworn to the rules of Farvon they could not enter this sacred place. Farvon was dead so they stepped upon the threshold of the temple and swore to each other that what ever consequences will come from breaking this law they will take in stride as a group and so they entered to find not just one child but the remainder of Farvons people. Babies, Half breeds, Parents and one of the elders. Each member cried in shock at there discovery, the youngest stepped forward holding out a flask, something he had been working on while he traveled a cylinder container which held the coolest of water. passing it around the group they each had there share of the water. Sitting down each party shared there turn of Events.

The civilians, how huge winged beast came and destroyed there city, taking the civilians as food, how they took refuge in the temple as it seemed the only place built good enough for protection that could hold what was left of Farvon's people, The travelers, telling the richness of the world, the Beasts they had seen, the water and the fact they could find no proper food. At the sound of water the elder stood rather shakily and spoke "You shall all travel to the west where these young men have traveled to the water, Alone the water will provide you some needs but you can also use it to soften the land and grow herbs. We shall leave as soon as the sun rises " And so they rested, until the sun rose over the horizon and the moon lay down to rest. Setting out they sneaked through the passages at Dragon's ridge staying as silent as possible, until they reached the edge of the lad where the water stayed, crashing into the side of the land and spraying there faces.

A rebuild began in reflection to the first farvon City which remained in ruins the other side of the nation. The temple built where they all took refuge until they were able to build there house along the side. The earth dug out so that water could travel along into the center of the city where it filled a great well but also giving the land nutrients so they grow crops and so the city progressed slowly, watched over by the last elder as they grew, more children born of mixed races which grew to help and progress farvon further.

People named the land's by there conditions and inhabited, Soon each member of the council slowly passed away only for there children to take there places and strive in there quest to find the one who will rule over all Farvon but disputes began between the young's ones once more as people claimed they were chosen but no one could see why they were any different from others, why they had the right to be in charge or why anyone should be and so the council soon ended those who believed in there parent beliefs held secret meetings in a temple which was once forbidden secretly waiting and hoping that one day the chosen one will turn up for all to see and when that happened peace and leadership would be in farvon hold, that harmony would fall within the nation and the people will be at peace just like the volcanoes there only desire was that the little peace they had gained over time would remain until there prayers were answered.

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